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    So so so stressed out right now. Three exams this week, 20 hours of work, Premedica meeting, babysitting plus I have to figure out where to live next year. No idea how I’m gonna do it all.

    Option A: Get everything done but don’t sleep

    consequence: be so tired to the point where I get sick

    Option B: Get bad grades on my exams but work all 20 hours and find a place to live

    consequence: not so good for the GPA

    Option C: Try to not worry about where me and my two roommates are living next year

    consequence: all the houses lease and we will end up living on the streets or in a tiny apartment.

    BAHHHHH! I wish someone would help me with this house hunting thing. Right now…

    its.just.me. and I CANNOT do it. No one is helping me with finding a house, scheduling showings, going to look at the place, but i’m supposed to find something that fulfills everyone’s expectations. I just wanna sign a freakin lease for a nice house and not have to worry about it anymore. I can’t do this all myself. 

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  3. Coloradoan

    Born and raised, like it should be! :)

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  6. so cute!

    so cute!

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